Case Study – Retail


Global Retailer looking to stabilise infrastructure tasks ranging from installation, configuration and upgrades to application deployments in order to reduce high error rates and achieve faster time to market goals.


Team’s task was to come up with solution to address recurring issues with manual configuration changes: human errors, delays or lacking quality in delivery, no traceability of change. Infrastructure as code approach was introduced based on Git and Ansible with following three main principles in mind:

  1. Create single source of configuration (inventory) and functionality (playbooks/roles)
  2. Provide fast, high quality and traceable change
  3. Design for the future: introduce agnostic agentless configuration framework which can be pointed to different target platforms including cloud platforms


Following IaC principles, in first stage a configuration management framework based on Ansible and Git was designed and implemented covering all regular maintenance tasks which are triggered by users from a GUI. Eliminating manual work provided speed, quality and traceability.

Having a platform agnostic framework made it possible in the following stage to point same functionality to cloud platforms and mirror on-premise environments with no migration effort and without disturbing existing workflows.

Facts and Figures

  • Customer infrastructure comprising a total of 30+ environments and 200+ servers
  • Delivery of production and staging environments reduced from 5 business days to 7.5 h
  • Delivery of development environments reduced from 2 business days to 2.5 h
  • Automation implemented for all 39 maintenance tasks including: installations, patching, product upgrades and configuration, deployments etc.
  • Averaging 60 deployments per month reaching up to 6 deployments per day
  • Upgrade to new application server version reduced from 1 business day to 40 min
  • Periodic security patching activity reduced from 1 business day to 25 min

Technology and Products

Ansible Tower
Artifactory repository server
Docker/Kubernetes/OpenShift Container Platform

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