On-Premise to Cloud Migration Roadmap

Automation is natural response to infrastructure challenges and it must endorse infrastructure as code (IaC) approach similar to application development.

Ultimate goal is to remove any manual work and instead create a framework to implement end to end workflows by orchestrating services and managing all environments from a single node.


Since operating with power of code proper design becomes inevitable. Together with client a specification will be created based on company’s maturity level in automation area, existing and future use cases and eventually client’s short and longterm goals.


In this stage automation engine is introduced to provide framework for automated workflows managed from a single control node. At the end of that stage that control node will provide single source of configuration and management including user control, job management, scripts, environment specific parameters and single inventory capable of handling most complex topologies.



Automation stage already brings stability, quality and speed but does not solve dependency issue. Cross domain use cases will still require manual requests (CRQ, tickets etc.) to be created. Orchestration of services in this stage will allow to create fully automated end to end workflows removing expensive manual dependencies between teams.



After bringing your company infrastructure under control now prepare to expand. Freely change underlying platform choosing from all range of products like: AWS, GCP, Azure or Docker without the need for heavy and expensive migration projects. At this stage automation framework can be pointed to any platform of choice.


Machine images are becoming increasingly popular but their advantages can quickly disappear as clients struggle to manage them over time especially in complex topologies.

Dealing with configuration management based merely on machine images may prove to be too expensive forcing companies to resign from all the benefits. It’s the modern CM tools like Ansible introducing release based single source of configuration which need to be applied to bridge that gap.

Continuous Delivery of Infrastructure

We help our clients get the best of both worlds and bring pre-baked infrastructure to modern era. Since infrastructure as code aims to mirror development approach both streams can now be seamlessly combined in a single framework using same set of tools and methods to deliver environments continuously on platform of your choice with help from such tools as Packer and Terraform.


Let’s talk about how Albatros Technologies can help your organization automate its next big challenge.

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